Suzanne Moore launches Intermezzo Music Management LLC in 2012

Intermezzo Music Management LLC is a company devoted to artist development and representation.  Founder Suzanne Moore is a lifelong musician who began studying classical piano at age 4 and began performing publicly thereafter. She holds a degree in Music Education and has over 30 years experience as a vocal music teacher, private instructor, organist, vocalist, solo pianist, and accompanist in varied genres. In 2010, she transitioned her career into full-time artist representation and management.

Using my skills as a musician, knowing the needs of an artist from the inside, experiencing the emotional bond a musician makes with an audience is a unique quality that connects me to my clients. That first -hand knowledge, passion and love of music has been a driving force to create a company designed to cultivate talent in both the business and creative sides of the music industry.

I have been hands-on, attending rehearsals, gigs, photo and video shoots and in-studio radio interviews. My mission is to not only to advise but to be the best on-site advocate for my clients.

My goal is to assemble the proper teams suited to the individual needs of each client, coordinating with public relations and media reps and working towards obtaining a great draw at performances. I reach out to booking agencies and have begun to seek out both independent and national labels to help advance each client.

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