My World
 MY WORLD is a NYC based indie-rock powerhouse, a cult phenomenon and entertainment 
 industry favorite. Musicianship, songwriting and the crave to entertain have brought them to 
 the forefront of the music scene paving the road for their undeniable track record. Along 
 with the straight up catchy rock tunes, MY WORLD takes their audience on a musical 
 adventure mixing original composition and obscure cover tunes with musical antics that 
 keep the crowd riveted! Each member's diverse talents bring a full musical experience to 
 every audience. They can best be described as a mid-air collision of The Talking Heads and 
 The Foo-Fighters crash landing in the middle of a Phish concert....with no casualties, of 
 Band members John Montalbano (lead vocals/bass) and Chris Munger (vocals/guitars) are 
 in their second decade collaborating on musical endeavors.  MY WORLD's recent live 
 performances include the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015 and the 7@Seven 
 Summer Concert Series at 7 World Trade Center. A performance featured at a Steve 
 Madden Music event graced the video screen at all of Madden's retail locations. MY 
 WORLD hosted events and produced showcases at the Gibson Brands New York City 
 showroom and performed as headliners, taking every opportunity to launch their musical 
 platform to larger audiences. From their first album release of "All Shapes and Sizes" (BMG) 
 MY WORLD has exploded into the music world.
 Chris Munger and John Montalbano have made a name for themselves as session 
 musicians playing on notable tracks for artists like Public Enemy, Chuck D, DMC, and more. 
 They compose and record music featuring Chris' guitar signature sound for television and 
 film with many credits from Ovation, Sportsman Network, Comedy Central, MSG, Fuse and 
 VH1 to name a few. In 2014, MY WORLD won two gold ProMax Awards for a version of 
 "Ride Of The Valkyries" on the Sportsman Channel. Chris and John also re-record 
 countless tracks for publishing companies to give tracks a "modern edge".  John also made 
 significant musical contributions to ESPN's Emmy Award nominated soundtrack "Ali Rap" 
 and Kareem Abdul Jabbar's documentary "On The Shoulders of Giants." 

 With driving rock songs, searing improvisations, 180 degree changes, adventures into 
 multiple genres on steroids and "tender musical moments", MY WORLD's performances are 
 plenty to keep an audience captivated. With the band's induction into the BMG family, 
 expect to hear even more from MY WORLD with their soon to be released album, 
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